Technical facilities


Kogal Steel
Hall dimension
Hall No.1: 48x17m
Hall No.2: 48x17m

Width – 3,9m
Height – 4,5m

Height under hook: 7m

Load capacity of hall crane: 8t

Crane truck: 25t


Kogal Steel
Table proportions: 2x6m

Plasma: do 25mm

Oxyacetylene torch: up to 200mm

Cutting, Sawing, Bending

Kogal Steel
Cutting: length 3150mm, maximum thickness 10mm

Sawing by band saw: profiles up to 500mm

Bending on press brake: length 3000mm up to maximum thickness 8mm


Kogal Steel
Drilling by radial drilling machines: up to 63Ømm

Kogal Steel
Welding methods
111 – Manual metal arc welding by coated electrode
114 – Arc welding by filled electrode without protective gas
131 – Arc welding by fusing electrode in inert gas – MIG
135 – Arc welding by fusing electrode in active gas – MAG
141 – Arc welding by non-fusing electrode in inert gas – TIG

Material thickness: 3 – 150 mm

Surface treatment

Kogal Steel
Abrasive blasting: by steel grit, surface quality Sa 2,5

Painting: high pressure equipment (oil, synthetic, epoxy and polyester paints)