About the company


Firm KOGAL STEEL Ltd. was established as a company for the production of steel containers. Progressively the company began to change its production program and currently it is producing various kinds of steel constructions according to customers’ specifications and requirements.

Company KOGAL STEEL Ltd. manufactures its produces for these kinds of industries:
– iron and steel industry
– mining industry
– energetic industry
– construction industry
– engineering industry

More than 95% of the company’s KOGAL STEEL Ltd. production is exported to Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Austria and other countries.
KOGAL STEEL Ltd. gives great importance to improving the quality of its products, it also seeks to improve conditions for its employees in order for these to be able to meet the requirements of our customers.
The main aim of the company is to increase customers’ satisfaction and at the same time to improve its market position. We want to achieve these aims by modernization of production equipment and processes, increased effeciency and by permanent concentration on quality.